Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sean's 2nd Birthday!!

I can't believe he is turning two. I have thought he is two for the last three months. He just acts so much older and understands so much I kept thinking he was already two. So to start his day off Sean started his first day of preschool/daycare. It's this cute little place across the street from where I work. So they have a big play ground and tons of toys and also they do lessons and activities. He did really well until he saw me walking away and then he started crying and throwing a fit. I felt so bad. I went back to try and comfort him and explain to him that he was going to play and make new friends. To make it even worse me being 8months pregnant and all my hormones, I started to cry too. Then these cute little four year old boys came over to Sean and were like it's ok budding don't cry she'll come back come smash the bugs with us. So they went and made him a sword out of blocks and distracted him with smashing bugs while I sneaked away. When I got to work and had a good cry I could look out the window and see Sean being pushed around on a tricycle by this older girl and looked like he was having tons of fun. When I went to pick him up at the end of the day he was so happy and showed me to all his new friends. I really think he'll do well here. So the night of his birthday my friend called and said she had free tickets to the Angels game so we ate dinner and headed out to a baseball game. We had so much fun. Sean ran around and barely watched the game but had tons of fun playing with Styrofoam and riping it up and putting it all over himself. Everyone thought it was so funny. I think Sean had a great birthday. Happy birthday Sean !!


Lynda said...

Oh I bet the clean up crew really 'loved' you guys!!!! That's great you got to do something special on Sean's birthday.

Autumn said...

2 already!! Wow- time flies!!
Happy Birthday little dude!

Anonymous said...

That is so fun! I can't believe he is 2! Happy Birthday Sean. Did he get a hair cut? it is really cute. You need to check out my blog I have a video with you guys in it!