Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sean's Birthday party!!

So we decided to try and drag Sean's birthday out as long we could and celebrate it as much as we could. So on Saturday we had a little party for Sean where Greg's parents came and his sister and his brother and wife Jenny. We had so much fun just hanging out and eating some good hamburgers and special spicy Hawaiian hot dogs that Greg made. Greg's mom made the cutest cake in the world and of course Sean loved eating it. The little character's on the cake ya his mom made those. She's awesome. Also Sean got spoiled I felt like it was Christmas all over again. He loved all the gifts. He got his first skateboard and helmet. After the party he went out with his Aunt to try out his new skateboard. His new thing is he got to go to Wal-mart on Friday and pick out his own gift with the gift card he got from grandpa Archibald. So he was in heaven. He went up and down every aile pulling toys out and lining them up trying to decide which one he wanted. By the end he picked out a Diego toy that has a helicopter, he loved it so much he even had to take it to bed with him and woke up at 2am wanting to play with the toy. I cant believe how big he is and how much he understands. He is so much fun and always keeps me on my toes. He talking like crazy and even trying to tell stories, it is so cute. Hope you enjoy the pictures of Sean's party.

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Sooo cute! I love the cake. Sounds like he had a fun birthday. You are a cute mom!