Saturday, April 5, 2008

St George, Utah

Well the fat 8 month pregnant lady decided to be daring and take a trip out to St George, UT to visit my favorite cousin and also to see my grandma from Idaho and my aunt and uncle. It was so much fun to spend time with my cousin Amber and Sean loved Amber's twin boys who are about 9 months older Sean. Sean would wake up every morning saying boys, boys and go looking for the two boys. Then he would go over and try and grab their hands and make them play with them. The more I watch Sean he is 1-really social 2-Not shy at all 3- Not afraid of anything 4- Very tough, he falls so much but he just jumps up and acts like nothing happened. Sean did great on the five hour drive, of course due to the portable DVD player I borrowed from my friend. Only twice to complain and say "out mommy out." I love spending time with my family I wish they lived closer. Oh ya my grandma brought me some cute blankets she made for the new baby girl and of course Sean thought they were for him and loved them, even though they were pink.

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It was so much fun to hang out. The pictures are lots of fun. We'll have to do ti again soon.