Monday, October 6, 2008


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Tagged by Amber

My Quirks:
1. I hate when my house is a mess, which I am learning I have to deal with since I have a two year old
2. I hate when me or my kids have anything on their faces or hands. Sean hates it cause Im always picking at his face.
3. I hate crooked pictures. If I see that one of my pictures on the wall are crooked I have to stop what Im doing and fix it. 
4. I hate when people say their going to do something or meet up with you but then totally bail. 
5. I hate when there is water on the sink either in the kitchen or bathroom. This is due to my dad making us clean up around the sink every time we used it.
6. I hate when people smack or chew really loud it just hits this nerve I cant stand to be hit.

I tag-Alison, Amber Baltzer, Hilary, Jillonnie, Sharlyn


Jillonnie said...

thanks Annie! Check out my blog to see my quirks. By the way, really cute pictures on your post!

The Pena family said...

OH I love #4!!! Like when you bail and never come to see us when you come to Rexburg! Nice! Thanks for bringing by Brianna when you were in town! Eli

Liz said...

i loved to read the quirks, it's always funny to read what sets people off and how much you have to learn when you have kids, a clean house is one you have to have a lot of patience with! cute pictures of the kids, it's fun to have our kids so close in age.