Monday, December 22, 2008

7 months

So I say this every time but time flies by. So I was starting to worry because all Brianna's friends were starting to crawl and move all over and little miss lazy would turn over ever once in awhile. So I shouldn't have had this thought because the next week she figured out how to do the worm and move around quite well. She also gets up on all four and sits in one spot buts tries to rock back and forth. She is so cute. We are having so much fun with little Brianna. Lately Sean has been loving to feed Brianna and she thinks it is so much fun. I am amazed how much Brianna adores Sean. She has a little exer saucer that she can stand in and turn around so now she just keeps turning so she can watch Sean wherever he goes. Kids are so much fun and so cute. Look at this cute picture of Brianna's crazy hair day. 

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That is so cute. Wow time does fly. Happy Birthday hope you had a great one. Hope every things going good. Looks like christmas was good. The kids are adorable.