Saturday, July 4, 2009

14 hour drive to Idaho

So call me crazy but last month I decided to pack up the kids and drive out to Idaho to visit my family and the farm. So I bought presents, took lots of movies, and tons of snacks to try and keep the kids distracted. So me and the kids drove first to St George and stayed the night where they had a blast playing with their cousins. Thanks Amber so letting us stay. Then we got up the next day and headed the next eight hours to Idaho. Amazingly the kids did really well me and Brianna got restless the last hour but Sean did great the whole way as long as I kept the presents coming. Overall worth the drive to see how much fun the kids had at the farm. Up next I will blog all about Idaho. So anyone debating about driving somewhere with your kids you can do it.

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RegaNater said...

Aren't those jump things the best. My sister has one