Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Truck!!

So some of you may already know that this last week when Greg was driving home from work his Toyota decided to die on the side of the road as it smoked and came to its final halt. After Greg had the truck toed to a mechanic we found out that the engine had seized or completly died. So then came the great news that a new engine would be more than what we paid for the truck . So after me and Sean traveled two hours to pick Greg up in San Diego we decided it was time to find Greg a new truck. So this last week I have been searching like crazy online (cause I'm the one who searches, Greg cant stand to search online) to find the right truck for Greg. We totally lucked out and found this 2003 Tundra with all the amenities that Greg wanted: like a nice stereo, ipod hook up, low miles, and of course 5 spd transmission. So we bought this truck yesterday and we are loving it so far. The best part is that the truck came with a big speaker in the back that amplifies the bass. So when me and Greg are driving around I totally feel like I'm in high school again.


RegaNater said...

Oh that is such a nice truck. But what bummer about the old truck. That must have been a crazy day for both of you! said...

I love that you two are cruising in an amped up truck. Can't wait to see you cruisin Main in Rexburg with Sean in the back.