Saturday, March 1, 2008


So me and Greg took Sean to the park the other day because it was really warm outside. Well to make it even more fun we decided to bike down to the park which Sean loves cause he gets to see all the cars. Well when we got to the park Sean discovered that there was little hills that he could run up and down. So for most of the time except of course swing time (which he calls "wee") Sean ran up and down these hills. Well I decided I had to take a picture of this so I went over to try and get a good picture so I asked Sean to look at the camera and out of no where for the first time, he stopped turned around and looked at me and said "cheese". It was so cute. I never realized ever time I try to take pictures I tell him to say cheese and I guess it just stuck. He's getting so big and understanding so much. I really enjoy this age but also getting really frustrated cause man can he throw some big fits.

2 comments: said...

So cute! He is looking like a little boy. and I think he looks a lot like you now. So much fun! Weneed to get our boys together-they'd have lots of fun!

Lynda said...

You guys are having way too much fun without us. I wish we lived closer so I could play with Sean more often.