Saturday, March 15, 2008

NO NO!!!

So like every two year old, Sean's new favorite word is "NO." At first I was like ok I will just ignore it and let him grow out of it. Well I don't think he's going to grow out of it anytime soon. Anything you ask him even though you know he wants it he still says no. The other night we were hangin out in our room and Sean decided to show us his moves on our bed, well in turn with that he decided to practice his favorite word "NO." You see Sean's favorite movie lately is Incredibles, so in that movie they fight and so now he thinks its the funniest thing to pretend fight with himself or anyone that will fight back. At first it was funny until the other night we were playing and he got so excited that he decided to bite my arm. Man did that hurt, he bit so hard that it bruised the next day. So then we had to talk again about biting and then of course time out. It's funny how fast they catch on to not liking time out. When he's doing something bad I will be like Sean if you don't stop that by the count of three you'll go in time out and he out of no where stops and listens. I agree with whoever said that at this age it is all about testing the boundaries to see what they can get away with.

2 comments: said...

Oh my! How I can relate. He is full of it. I loved the finger action!

RegaNater said...

that is so cute! So do you really think you might still come in April! I hope so!!!!