Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Tree Fight!!

So me and Greg had this bright idea for christmas cards this year. So we pack Sean up and drive over to the christmas tree lot in prusuit of a tree for Sean to pretend dragging with christmas lights while we take the perfect picture of him to send off to everyone. Well as you can see that didn't go as planned. Sean had his own plan. He just wanted to run around and hit the trees with a stick. So at least we got some funny pictures out of it but no christmas cards this year. Sorry! Im lazy. I love everyone else's cards though. So thanks for sending them. We are off to Idaho in three days and can't wait to play in the snow. Sean willbe so excited. Me and Greg cant wait to go skiing. Hope you all have a great Christmas. Love Annie, Greg, Sean

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Oh how I know this moment! I tried to get some fun pictures too but it never happens how you want. Kids have their own mind. I am glad that your Sean is just as spirited as my boys. Wish they could play together more. Have fun in Idaho! Wish we could see you.