Sunday, December 2, 2007


So its crazy to think that Sean is turning into such a big boy. He just wants to do everything on his own. He feeds himself with big people utensils, he dances, he colors, and he's even trying to talk. It seems like just yesturday he was a new born who could barely hold his head up and all he knew how to do was drink a bottle and sleep. I think the world of my family and they mean everything to me. I never knew you could love someone so much.


RegaNater said...

your forgetting something, when he was a baby he could do more than drink and slepp, that boy could spit up like no other! haha! he is so cute!

RegaNater said...

Annie, you are so sweet. Thanks for the text. I miss you guys. I heard about your GAY run...I'm jealous!!!