Sunday, December 2, 2007


Well we had a great thanksgiving hanging out with Greg's family. Greg unfornutenly had to work so it was just me and Sean but we had alot of fun spending time with Greg's parents and his sister and his brother and his wife. We all ate alot of food and played some games. Sean's favorite game was playing peek a boo with Greg's brother. The day after Thanksgiving around 9am me and Sean went with Grandma and Grandpa Mcclellan to the mall to do some after Thanksgiving shopping. Suprisely I bought alot of stuff and got alot of good deals. After about three hours we were all done with shopping so we took off and all ate great leftover turkey and then took naps. That is my kind of holiday. On Saturday Greg came up and hung out with all of us. We all got together again to celebrate Grandpa Scott's birthday. Sean loved the birthday cake. We cant wait for Christmas, we are counting down the days to Christmas.

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I love the relaxing Thanksgiving. You are a trooper for hanging out with them w/o your hubby. Sounds like it was great!