Sunday, December 30, 2007

Loving the Snow

So when we first got to Idaho Sean did not know what to think of the snow and didn't really want to play in it. Well after about four days Sean decided that the snow and playing outside was the best thing in the world. Everyday he would wake up and go look for the cat. Play with cat for about thirty minutes and then quickly eat and then head for the door trying to get out and pointing at the door crying because he wanted to play outside. He loved the snow so much he would go out and play all by himself. I think his favorite part besides following the dog around was working, by either shoveling snow, feeding the animals, or working on the tractor. Also by the fourth day he decided that he really liked riding the snowmobile even though he had to wear three hundred layers. One day him and Kyler were playing outside in the snow pushing a big dump truck around in the snow. I was amazed how fast Sean got use to the cold. I was there for two weeks and still could not get use to the cold. It just goes to show that Sean is a great little boy who just loves to learn and do new things.

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