Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day !!

A tradition of the Archibald's is that we all get together Christmas Eve and eat alot of good food, mingle, and then of course read or perform the story of Jesus birth. Well this year we decided to read the story due to the fact that we really only had three little kids to perform Jesus birth and none of us adults were about to perform. We had alot of fun and enjoyed spending time with all the family. Sean on the other hand ended up getting sick that night and throwing up all over me and the bed. Poor kid we were trying so hard to get him to eat all night and come to find out his stomach was hurting him. I wish he could tell us these things. Christmas day was so much fun. I loved watching Sean getting all excited about opening gifts and then of course playing with all his new gifts. He loved opening the presents the most. We also had an early Christmas right before we left for Idaho so Sean got three Christmas this year because did another Christmas after we got back with Greg's family. Sean was loving life. I really enjoyed dragging it out too. After opening gifts we all went over to Brad and Sherry's to have breakfast and enjoy each others company. We also got to talk to Brandon (my cousin who's on a mission in Brazil) and find out how he was doing. Sean of course spent all his time up in Garrett's room playing with all the John Deer tractors and loving life, he was so sad when the day finally ended. He just wanted to play all day. He even wanted to play in the snow. I think he's really start to like the snow. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We missed everyone.

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meyerstwins.blogspot.com said...

He is so big and so cute!! My boys favorite thing to do was to play with Garret's John Deer tractors too. They are such little boys! Wish you guys lived close so they could play. I am so stoked that you are having a little girl. Too fun! (And a little jealous)
It looks like we'll have to send our boys to the farm for the summers to work and play with the dog!