Friday, December 21, 2007

Discovering Snow !!

So on our second day in Idaho we went with my whole family and Rachel and her kids up to a place called Badger Creek. It's a lodge up in the moutains with big sledding hill next to it. So this is where Sean really got a taste of snow. So we all packed up for the night and brought all our layers so we could go play in the snow. The first night we went sledding and Sean was really unsure about the wet, cold snow and especially all the layers he had to wear. As you can see from the pictures Sean was not too happy this first night. Me and Greg had alot of fun playing in the snow. That night after having a dinner we tried to put all three kids (his cousins Kambrea and Klyer) asleep in the same room. The reason for this was because it was the only heated room. So after only getting about three hours of sleep I officially decided I like being in my own bed. Each kid ended up taking a turn waking up through the whole night. Half the night Sean wanted to be held because he rolled out of the bed. One kid would wake up and of course another kid would wake up. So man was I tired the next day. We made the best of it and put on all our layers again to go play in the snow. We got like 5 inches that night. We took Sean on the snowmobile, which he liked but was still unsure about all this snow and clothing. As you can see from the pictures my dad was having a great time while all the kids were freezing to death. I am glad that we went though.

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Looks like lots of fun! I miss the days when we used to do that. I loved getting bundled up and going for a ride on the snowmobile. But I am totally with you- so glad I don't have to deal with their winters. Yuck! Hey how was your Bday? Happy Bday late. I was thinking about you!
Sorry about the no sleep- completely understand!