Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Traveling to Idaho

So we decided to make the trek out to Idaho this year for christmas. Our trip out there was eventful. We ended up waking up to our friend knocking on our door at 5am. Some how our alarms did not go off. So we threw on our clothes grabbed Sean and headed out the door. To add on to that we ended up hiting alot more traffic than I thought so we ended up getting to the airport late and plus there was a ton of people there. So since we were late we ended up missing our flight and being standby on the next flight out. We'll little did we know that we ended up getting into Las Vegas about the same time we were suppose to be loading our next flight. So we missed our flight out of Vegas and ended up losing all that money on that flight. Well we didn't want to be stranded in Vegas so we bought two more tickets with another airline to take us to Salt Lake instead of Idaho Falls, and dad was nice enough to find us a shuttle ride home to Rexburg. So hundreds of dollars later and a 12 hour day of traveling we finally made it home to Idaho. Once we got off the shuttle I remembered why I dont live in Idaho. I was freezing cold and the wind was blowing really hard. Sean had his first experience in snow and seemed unsure about it. He got all bundled up (which he hated of course) and headed outside with dad to throw snowballs. Luckily that night we had a nice warm sleep at my dad's house by the fire. Got to love the wood stove.

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RegaNater said...

Oh! I totally feel for you girl!! That is no fun!!! I hate travel nightmares!